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Architectural & Interiors Photography

The photographs of your hotel or restaurant have to tell its story at a glance and engage your prospective guests. Your audience has become visually voracious, sophisticated and they seek answers from your content. Connect with them and they will convert from browsers to bookers. To do this effectively we create photography that entices the viewer and is curated to your audience. As a hospitality photographer my job is to raise ADR, sell more rooms, book more events and draw guests to the dining room.

Food Photography

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher

Food stirs passion, romance and desire, and like Fisher said, it comes first.  The message for most food photography is a simple "yum", but for a hotel or restaurant it can further the emotional connection with the viewer and build the dream of the experience that could be. 

For restaurants and bars, the food and drinks images should also connect them with the space and the sense of the experience.

Restaurant Photography

Creating successful photography for a restaurant, wether independent or part of a resort, requires us to think in terms of the whole portfolio, which will define the dining experience for the guest.   All of the images must work together build the story of the restaurant, while also being able to stand alone for  advertising, social media and review sites.

Our approach is about making the process as smooth as possible for our clients.  We designed the process to make every shoot cost-effective, organized and easy for you.  We've done this thousands of times and apply our experience, technology, and creativity, rather than your big budgets to create uncompromising photography.  Beautiful images are attractive to potential guests, but the true challenge is to engage the viewer while also telling them what they need to know about your property - all while keeping in mind that we are playing to an ever-shrinking attention span.  When all of this is done well, every marketing dollar spent using those images becomes more powerful.



Dylan loves being a passionate  Architectural and Food photographer who specializes in creating dynamic images for Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants that engage and create bookings.   He believes that to create effective marketing and advertising images, you have to combine in-depth knowledge of your industry with a marketer's sensibility and an artist's eye to create images that sell rather than just show. 

He is a strong believer in preparation, efficiency and organization, allowing him to work alone on most assignments and with a stylist or an assistant when the project calls for it.  This also allows us to do proposals (rather than estimates) based on set rates per shot, so there are never any budgetary surprises (yay).

With home bases in Connecticut and Florida, he is most often found crossing states or continents to shoot assignments anywhere they take him.


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